Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community. A global networking platform built on Etherum blockchain. It connects learners, educators and recruiters, bridging the technical skills gap and providing equal opportunities for all. Simply create a profile on Certif-ID to access its fantastic features.

Certif-ID is a blockchain-based networking platform, focusing on the technical sector. 

It connects technical training and educational institutions with learners (freshers and experienced professionals) and recruiters. To share knowledge, plan learning journeys and hire certified professionals.

  • Educational institutions can issue graduates with blockchain-powered digital certificates. They can list courses, manage training batches and automate student enrolment and placement. Being part of a global network they can amplify visibility. 
  • Learners can build their profile (SkillPass), save all their credentials in one place and be found by recruiters. They can plan their learning journeys with the help of platform recommendations based on their skills and career interests.
  • Recruiters can source and screen candidates based on competency or skills. Accessing the SkillPass and using the Blockchain Validation feature they can verify learners’ credentials with a few click. The instant verification features allow recruiters to source and screen candidates confidently, reducing the time and effort required for background checks.

Certif-ID is based on three main pillars:

  1. Digital Certificates: Institutions can issue blockchain secured certificates (which are verified from a certification body) to graduates (learners) via email and/or directly into students’ profiles. A digital certificate holds an unalterable link between the candidate’s achievement and the institution, making it traceable and impossible to alter.
  2. SkillPass: Learners can create their own profile on Certif-ID and save all of their credentials at one place, the SkillPass. Apart from showcasing the digital certificates, they can add their top skills, Europass CV and create a video CV, among other things.
  3. Jobs: The ‘skills-match’ search feature enables recruiters to screen and source certified candidates based on the skill they’re looking for. With access to an individual’s SkillPass or digital certificate, they can verify its authenticity with just a few clicks. Thereby, boosting their confidence and maximising productivity. 

By providing secure, digital tools, Certif-ID is lifting educational standards and bringing equal opportunities for all. 

For educational institutions:

  • Issue digital certificates placed in blockchain 
  • List courses and manage training batches 
  • Apply data analytics and gain insights to improve learning outcomes
  • Build credibility and increase placement opportunities
  • Prevent fraud and eliminate counterfeit certificates 
  • Equip your graduates with skills and digital tools to explore new career paths or even countries
  • Allow digital certificates to work as marketing collaterals and enhance brand reputation
  • Create and maintaining public trust for students and employers 

For students and working professionals:

  • Save all credentials at one place and track lifelong learning
  • Rest assured that credentials are blockchain secured
  • Create a Europass CV 
  • Create a video CV
  • Network and directly connect with recruiters
  • Learn additional skills and advance career path
  • Find the jobs and courses that suit your skills and career path
  • Showcase a verified digital identity

For recruiters: 

  • Use the ‘skill-match’ feature to shortlist candidates based on skills required
  • Hire from a pool of skilled professionals
  • Access SkillPass and verify a digital certificate’s authenticity with just a few clicks
  • Improve the hiring process and brand reputation while providing a good expert experience
  • Recruit fairly and hire experts with high subject matter expertise

Blockchain creates and maintains a cryptographically secure, shared, distributed ledger (a database) of transactions. Data is not stored in a central database. It records data and stores individual transactions as blocks. 

Each block stores information about the certificate issued, certificate issuing authority, timestamp, skills learnt, etc. The block is encrypted and is linked to the previous one. Metaphorically speaking, the stored blocks are lined up in a chain so that a blockchain is formed.

By spreading the information across a network, blockchain makes it difficult to tamper with data. It brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions.

Blockchain is a network of nodes (special computers). Data is stored as blocks in these nodes. The nodes maintain a list of all data/transactions, like accounts, called a distributed ledger. So, when data is modified a new block is created and linked to the previous block. The stored blocks are lined up in a chain so that a blockchain is formed. 

Blockchain uses a mathematical function called hashing. It generates a unique value for every transaction in a blockchain. These unique results/hashes are verified by other nodes, confirming that the output matches exactly. If the hash does not match (due to an error or fraud) then the transaction is ignored.

We are leveraging this feature of blockchain to uplift the overall standard of education and establish trust and transparency.

Digital certificates are not printed documents. 

Instead of paper certificates, educational institutes issue digital certificates on a blockchain platform. It holds a QR code and an unalterable link between the candidate’s achievement and the educational institute. By scanning the QR code or clicking on the link, the certificate can be verified. It can verify the identity of the student, institute issuing the certificate and the certification body. 

As most individual share their documents via email and social media channels, documents are susceptible to cybercrime. Using blockchain-based digital certificates individuals can securely showcase their qualifications and increases their chances of getting a job

A certificate confirms that a learner has mastery over a certain field of study or skill. Issuing a certificate is part of an institute’s official graduate offerings. But off late recording and validating candidates’ qualification is getting more and more difficult. 

Digital certificates placed in Ethereum blockchain provides an opportunity to identify, certify and document competencies, making them usable for the labour market. This is what we are doing.

Prevent fraud - Thanks to the distributed ledger nature of blockchain technology. And its ability to track every change or transaction performed. It allows instant verification. Anyone with access to a certificate can click on the links in a digital certificate and authenticate the information and source mentioned.

Certif-ID brings trust and transparency back into the market, by offering the highest possible level of security and make use of today's technological achievements.

  • Easy access: certificates can be shared with anyone at any time and location.
  • Easy verification: The authenticity of the certificates is guaranteed. Fraud/counterfeit protection is offered through the decentralized data structure of the blockchain.
  • Immutable: As every change is recorded, manipulation of data is impossible.
  • Highly secure: Data is stored across a network. If a copy of data fell into the hands of a hacker, only a single copy of the information, rather than the entire network, would be compromised.
  • Omission of a central authority: Blockchain eliminates the need for a central authority and third-party intermediaries. The authenticity of a certificate can be verified by checking the hash directly via the blockchain without having to contact the institute which issued the certificate.
  • Trustworthy credentials: Individuals will have reliable storage and permanent access to their credentials. Institutes can share it without the fear of hacking or data corruption.
  • Freedom: Individuals will have an independent backup and control of their own performance record 
  • Quality assurance: Blockchain’s data immutability and auditability features improving quality. 
  • Process optimization: Institutes can take advantage of a blockchain-based platform to improve their certification, placement, and document verification processes, drastically reducing man-hours spent on checking, recording and verifying documents. By being able to verify digital certificates with a few clicks, recruiters can fasten the entire hiring process.

Digital certificates issued on Certif-ID have links and a QR code. The link can be used to verify a certificate online. But when printed the links are of no use. 

To maintain the integrity of a certificate we have placed a QR code. A QR code is an optical label that can be read by machines. On scanning, it shows the information about the item (certificate) to which it is attached. So, now when a certificate is downloaded and printed, the certificate can still be verified and validated.

Yes, you can issue certificates to an entire batch or selected individuals who have graduated.

Yes, you can print digital certificates. Even after printing the document, you can rest assured knowing that the document cannot be tampered with. The QR code present on the certificate allows you to verify it. Once the credential with the QR Code has been issued, employers can scan the QR Code and enter the Certificate Number and the Learner’s Last Name to verify the credential.

Yes, you can export the digital certificates.

Yes, digital certificates issued on Certif-ID can be shared on social media.

SkillPass is a digital space that provides a comprehensive view of an individual's skills and level of competencies. It contains Video CV, Europass CV, Digital certificates and a secure document storage facility to store reference letters, cover letter, letters of recommendation, etc. 

Sharing access to the SkillPass, an individual can enable recruiters to instantly verify their digital credentials and make an informed choice. 

Generally, your profile is fully visible to all members on Certif-ID. You can control what appears on your profile under the profile privacy section and share your SkillPass only with the people you want to.