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Certif-ID Partner Program

Technological advancements across industries are creating a demand for new skills. Our aim is to connect key stakeholders in the technical skills sector, drive skill development and bridge the gap between knowledge and employment. We will position you to play a significant role in redefining existing systems and assist individuals, organisations and employers to embrace lifelong learning.

Emerging Technology

Inspire educational institutes

Showcase how digital certificates anchored in blockchain technology creates unalterable links and secure records between a candidate’s achievement and the credentials earned, thereby making it tamper-proof and impossible to counterfeit.

Emerging Technology
Bridge the Gap
Bridge the Gap

Enable experts & employers to connect effortlessly

Display how Certif-ID streamlines recruitment processes. Employers can screen and source for technical experts based on competency, verify their digital records with a single click and reduce recruitment efforts.



Position technical experts, institutions and recruiters at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Setting new benchmarks in skills training.

Granting experts with verifiable digital credentials.

Providing technical institutions with international visibility.

Future-proofing the workforce and building a qualified talent pool.